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Work with our national network of appraiser’s or work exclusively with your appraiser panel. The choice is yours.

About Us

We Are Shaping The Future

Bluebird Valuation, a Class Valuation company, is comprised of the best appraisal management company professionals and former lending industry executives with over 19 years of originations and appraisal operations experience. As one of the most respected AMCs, everything we do is based on strong experience, not trial and error to ensure we provide you with the best possible product.

As pioneers in the appraisal industry, we have pursued a long-term vision to develop the organization, technology, and tools to make the Appraisal Process as simplified as possible in today’s and tomorrow’s world. We have built our company to focus on long-term goals while consistently delivering the best possible products and services on an ongoing basis.

Who We Serve

Bluebird Valuation is committed to serving Lending Institutions that include Banks, Mortgage Companies, Correspondent Lenders as well as Commercial and Hard money institutions across the country.


Bluebird Valuation is a nationwide residential and commercial real estate Appraisal Management Company (AMC) that provides valuation services by certified real estate appraisers.


Welcome! We appreciate your interest in becoming a member of the Bluebird Valuation Panel of Appraisers. Appraisers can accept orders, provide order status updates, upload completed appraisals, and update their profiles.


Bluebird Valuation has been providing custom, compliant appraisal management solutions for over 15 years. We recruit appraisers and process appraisal orders in compliance with the following agencies and/or guidelines.

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Years of Exprerience

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What We Offer

Personalised Service

At Bluebird Valuation, we customize the appraisal process to meet each client’s needs.

Personalised Service

We create a panel of appraisers that meets your standards. One of our staff specialists will work with your office to create a panel of appraisers to rotate.

Easy Ordering

Our online platform makes managing your pipeline easy and effortless. We are fully integrated with Encompass, Byte, Mercury Network and many more.

Easy Ordering

All documents, comments and client statuses are also automatically synced with Encompass to ensure a seamless order management process.

Fast Processing

Our panel of appraisers consists of over 15,000 appraisers nationwide meeting the highest standards.

Fast Processing

Each order placed is processed within 2 hours of receipt.


We understand keeping up with regulations can be a full-time job. Utilizing an inhouse process or a small AMC may be costly if mistakes are made.


We take compliance regulations seriously. Our legal team is on top of every change made so that we keep you protected.


We bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive transformation.

Bluebird Valuation is one of the top Appraisal Management companies in the country.


 To accommodate multiple lender platforms, Please login via ValueLink if your order number includes a hyphen (Example: 178-12345).