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About Us

Bluebird Valuation

is comprised of the best appraisal management company professionals and former lending industry executives with over 20 years of origination and appraisal operations experience.

As one of the most respected AMCs, everything we do is based on strong experience, not trial and error to ensure we provide you with the best possible product.

As pioneers in the appraisal industry, we have pursued a long-term vision to develop the organization, technology, and tools to make the Appraisal Process as simplified as possible in today’s and tomorrow’s world.

We have built our company to focus on long-term goals while consistently delivering the best possible products and services on an ongoing basis. We have assembled over the past nine years a team of remarkable breadth and depth, continually attracting outstanding new talent to our uniquely productive environment.

A Look Back at Our History

Bluebird Valuation was a division of The Appraisal Firm which was established in 1998 with the goal of creating a statewide appraisal management company. The company concentrated on working with national, regional and local credit unions and banks as a central place to order and receive residential, commercial, and agricultural appraisal reports. After 10 years of hard work, The Appraisal Firm became a five-state appraisal company.

In 2009, BLUEBIRD VALUATION officially emerged from The Appraisal Firm. The goal of Bluebird Valuation is to provide a nationwide appraisal management service for lenders, credit unions and community banks that conforms to current guidelines. Bluebird Valuation strives to make the transition into compliance with the new Federal Appraisal Guidelines simple, easy, and profitable. Bluebird Valuation does one thing and we do it well. We provide quality appraisals and ensure compliance to our clients.

What Being an AMC Means to Us

It is our duty to act with honesty, loyalty, integrity, good faith, and transparency, and to put the interests of our clients above our own. We believe we will be successful if our clients are successful.

We are more than an “outsourcing” solution. We are providing a superior level of service to our clients from all aspects of the AMC process. Everything is personalized to meet your needs. We do not believe in the one fits all philosophy. From the start, your Appraisal Management solution is customized for you starting with your own appraisal panel, turn time, fees and underwriting requirements.

Once we determine what your needs are, we can then do our job…quality and compliance. We can do it all for you…assigning, tracking, status updates, quality control, review, market value disputes, appraisal warranty, accounts receivables and record retention. It is our job to make your job easier.

Bluebird Valuation is one of the top Appraisal Management companies in the country.


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